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in a circul●ar released on Thursday. The China Huaneng power plant ig

n eastern Beij●ing had restarted one of r

its coal-fueled generators F

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as of Friday night,● with another ready for restart at any time. Anotherz

two plants could ●also go into service 9

if necessary, the source said. I3

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n 2013, the capit●al began a gradual process to replace coal-fueled ge2

nerators with equip●ment powered by natui

ral gas. The city achieveU

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d its coal-free target in ●March this year. The old generators at c

the Huaneng plant were held in ●reserve s

in case they were needed. Acc8

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ording to the commission's websit●e, one of the coal-fired generators was used over the summer to cope wi●th a spike in electricity usage for air conditioners during a heat wave●.June 27 (Xinhua) -- China will cut excess capacity in steel and coal〓 as part of its economic structural reform, Premier Li Keqiang vowe〓d as he addressed the opening of the Annual Meeting of the New Cham〓pions 2016, or Summer Davos, in Tianjin on Monday. The government 〓will continue to focus especially on supply-side structural reform 〓by reducing supply of inefficient and low-end products and services〓 while encouraging more in-demand and premium ones, a process that 〓will boost ecod

nomic growth, Li told 0

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  • delegates at the forum. An imp〓ortant part of the supply-side reform is cutting excess capacity in〓 sectors including stee6

  • l and coal, and this will be further pushed 〓mainly "with a market-oriented and law-abiding approach," he said. 〓 AccordinY

  • g to the premier, governments and enterprises will take me〓asures to reemploy steel workers and coal miners made redundant.d

  • "〓Overcapacity is a global challenge and China stands ready to be a r〓esponsible country with all these proactive measureG

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  • /Maecenas luctus lectus at sapien

Nulla luctus eleifend

  • /Maecenas luctus lectus at sapien
  • /Donec dictum metus in sapien
  • /Integer gravida nibh quis urna
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